Silver Linings finally allow me to wear my shoes barefoot. I haven't been able to do that for years because of the odor. Thanks Jennifer for introducing me to this truly wonderful product. My whole office buys from you now. We can't wait for your line to expand as we have previously discussed. You have greatful customers for life.

What a great product.

As an avid sockless shoe wearer, I was so happy to find out that there was a product out there that actually works to eliminate odor and made me less self conscious about smelly feet! These liners are thin and don't move around (not sure how that happens-kinda magical). I now stock up on these especially when I'm traveling. Taking my shoes on and off a plane no longer worries me!

I have only been using these for two days but it is such an amazing difference, as my feet and shoes are now remaining totally dry and oderless. So nice to find a product that actually does what it claims!

They really are super thin, maybe a bit thicker than a manilla folder. Because of this, they don’t affect the way your shoe fits at all… After a day of wearing them, I noticed that a) my feet didn’t seem to be sweating so much, and b) my feet weren’t sticking to the inside of the shoes (or yanking up the padding in the toe box). Finally, after wearing shoes for 6 hours with the inserts, I gave them the smell test: nothing, nada, no odor. Nice!

They keep my feet dry and un-smelly, and really work to extend the life of my shoes, particularly shoes that have leather insoles. Without this product, the interior leather would get damaged, but with these the inside of the shoe stays looking brand new

Now, despite running around in three digit temps my feet are dry. Perhaps best of all is the fact that my feet don't perspire and slip around in the shoe. There's a little grid pattern on the back of each pad (which are labeled "right" and "left") that adheres to the shoe. I've had pads in several pairs of shoes for about two weeks, and they're still daisy fresh. I'm loving the security of a non-slip shoe, especially when climbing stairs!

These pieces really set a standard in the industry.

This product needs to be in every major drugstore. There is nothing quite like it with the same effectiveness on the market. Silver Linings, you make Dr. Scholls look like an amateur.

I am simply astounded by Silver Linings. Living in California where going sockless is common year round, I was plagued by embarrassing odor any time I'd try to wear closed-toe shoes without socks. I would have to take trips to the bathroom and wash my feet intermittently throughout the day to keep a fresh feeling and make sure my shoes weren't getting ruined - It was awful. I'd shy away from purchasing any kind of nice or expensive ballet flats since I knew I'd have to throw them away after a couple weeks' wear. I was AMAZED the first day I wore silver linings - not only were my feet totally dry all day but there wasn't even a hint of any odor. I finally feel like I have the self confidence to not only buy the cute shoes I want, but to actually wear them! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

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