Odor Absorbing Shoe Liners
Odor Absorbing Shoe Liners
Silver Linings

Odor Absorbing Shoe Liners


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  • Antimicrobial silver-based technology
  • 5 pairs per pack. Each pair lasts 10-15 uses
  • Made in the USA

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SILVER LININGS shoe liners are designed specifically for women who wear shoes without socks. SILVER LININGS preserve shoe interiors while keeping feet fresh and odor-free.

5 pairs per pack. Each pair lasts up to 10-15 uses.



  • Silver technology prevents growth of bacterial odor. EPA registered and environmentally friendly.
  • Ultra-thin (~1mm) to fit snug shoes.
  • Soft fabric absorbs moisture.
  • Anti-slip back grips shoes without adhesives.
  • One-size-fits-most, no trimming required.


  • Grips best in shoes with leather or vinyl interiors.
  • Frequent transfer between shoes may reduce effectiveness of non-slip grip.
  • Preserves that new shoe feeling and reduces odor in those old faves.


  1. Wipe down shoe interior with damp cloth to ensure clear surface for best grip.
  2. Place Silver Linings toward front of shoes with blue anti-slip layer facing down.
  3. Use 10-15 times before replacing with new Silver Linings.
  4. Repeat.