Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do SILVER LININGS work?

SILVER LININGS are infused with Agion Antimicrobial, a silver-based technology that prevents odor causing bacterial and fungal growth. Laboratory tests and actual product experience have proven that silver is effective against a broad spectrum of bacteria, yeast, fungi and molds. And silver's tri-modal action against microbes reduces the risk that antibiotic resistance will develop.

Agion technology operates at the surface through the controlled release of silver ions which attack microbes and inhibit their growth in three different ways: starvation, suffocation and prevention of reproduction. This controlled release mechanism provides continuous efficacy for the life of the SILVER LININGS product.


2. Are SILVER LININGS safe to use?

Yes. Silver is a naturally-occurring antimicrobial that is proven to be environmentally friendly (unlike synthetic or chlorinated chemicals). In fact, the Agion antimicrobial is an EPA-registered material, and it has received clearance from the FDA, NSF, USDA, European BPD, EFSA and the Personal Care Products Association. Agion is also used for food, water, and healthcare applications as well.


3. How long do SILVER LININGS last?

It varies depending on how each person uses them and how much she sweats.  Each pair generally lasts up to one month.


4. How do SILVER LININGS remain in place in shoes?

SILVER LININGS are backed by an anti-slip layer which allows the liners to grip to your shoes and stay in place. SILVER LININGS do not use adhesives, so they will not damage your shoes or leave any sticky residue behind.


5. What sizes are SILVER LININGS available in?

At the moment, SILVER LININGS come in one half-shoe length size. They provide coverage for the forefoot area, where most of the moisture and sweat resides. SILVER LININGS fit most feet and shoes and do not require any trimming.


6. Can SILVER LININGS be transferred between shoes?

Yes, however, we recommend keeping them in one pair of shoes.  Transferring them between shoes may reduce the effectiveness of the anti-slip backing.


7. Can I wear socks with SILVER LININGS?

Yes, you may wear any kind of hosiery while using SILVER LININGS, however, we find that the product is most effective when used without socks. The silver technology is activated at the surface of the product when it comes into contact with microbes. Thicker socks may interfere with that contact.


8. Do you offer other products (full-length, men's, kid's)?

Not yet, but we're working on it! Email us at info@chushuny.com if there's something specific you want to see. We love getting feedback!


9. Do SILVER LININGS work in old smelly shoes?

Yes, SILVER LININGS significantly reduce odor for most old shoes. The silver technology works at the surface of the product where it comes into contact with odor-causing bacteria.

In cases where the odor and bacteria have deeply penetrated the shoes, results may not be as dramatic.


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